My Favourite (and only) Subscription Box- Friction Free Shaving Review

September 20, 2017

From dog treats to scarves and beauty to hot chocolate, there's a whole world of monthly subscription boxes available. Despite very nearly committing to a Birchbox a few times (and subsequently deciding I'd be better spending the money a bit more wisely) the only subscription I have is for FFS- Friction Free Shaving, dont'cha know.

The company is super- feminist and fiercely determined; they understand the nuisance that shaving can be. They realise that supermarket blades are flimsy, plastic-y and totally over-priced. Women don't necessarily want for garishly pink , plastic razors that irritate your skin. FFS offers the first razor delivery service designed especially for women; their products are sturdy, chic and there isn't a plastic handle in sight. The tongue-in-cheek company are all about making the boring and annoying process of shaving a little more special- check out the inside of the packaging for a laugh.

Cheeky and recyclable packaging- what more could you ask for?
So it works like this- your razor head comes free with your first delivery and you can choose from between razors. I chose the Samantha head, which cost £7 a month. The Samantha is unfortunately no longer available having been replaced with the sleeker and sexier Rose handle at £9 a month. Rose however, is German engineered, completely rose gold and has six blades for a much closer shave. I've already upgraded but my sub doesn't arrive until the 28th each month.  Once you have chosen your shaviour, you can choose to add their cruelty free shaving cream added to your sub. (I didn't because I'm happy with the old hair conditioner trick) Rose is the more expensive of the two, whilst Frankie, with a 3 bladed head, is the purse friendly one at £5 a month. With Rose, you also receive a razor cap so travelling is made easier.

The Samantha razor is weighted and heavy- more like a fancy, mens razor. My sister uses the Rose and it is equally (if not more) sturdy with a rubber grip and a solid, heavy handle. The results are comparable to waxing and leave your body smooth to the touch. The days of irritated skin and blunt blades are long gone. These ones are waaayyy more hygienic and sharper than their super-market counterparts.

Initially, I did think "would I really spend £7 a month on razors?"if I were just to grab what was on offer at Boots? I'm not a particularly hairy woman, so I don't shave every day. Reverting back to my question- no, I wouldn't. I don't need a blade a week and FFS understand that. In fact, they allow you to pause or cancel your subscription at any time without needing to call a hotline and be persuaded to stay. It's literally the click of a button online. I keep my sub bi-monthly and therefore it works out at only £3.50 a month. A bargain in my book.

She's called Rose for obvious reasons.
What I love about the whole concept is that it does make shaving a little less mundane- I love collecting my parcel from the letterbox each month, a little treat to myself. The two women who found the company genuinely have real women in mind and aren't interested in ripping you off with shoddy products and poor customer service. If you do want to sign up yourself to this little gem of a service, use my referral code and get 25% off your first box!



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