Marks and Sparks are killing it! My top picks from A/W 2017.

September 10, 2017

Marks and Spencer has always been a classic British brand yet during my lifetime, more associated with my Nana and her generation rather than mine- in fact, I'd only stepped foot into the store for school trousers for my younger sister. Suddenly I found myself searching for dull nylon trousers in Aladdin's cave- everywhere I looked were would-be Gucci bags, Mui-Mui duplicates and Marc Jacobs wannabes. Having not entered the store since before I left the UK, I was astounded. I'm guessing that teams Marks and Sparks have new buyers, and if so- give them all a pay rise!

Now, look along the high street and you'll find a number of stores copying designer looks (because of course, taking inspiration from the catwalk has been done since the dawn of time, but the difference is here is that the items are sturdy, well-made and have a touch of luxe to them. Take for example those red-tassled heels; the tassles aren't cut nastily, the heel is a comfortable height and the soles are cushioned. Would you find that in Primark? Smh.

Looking at the price points for these items, I am pleasantly surprised! Along the same price point as Spanish retailer Zara, £35 for a pair of shoes from Zara, £30 for a shirt or £40 for a handbag does not sound out of the question. Very affordable, I believe. In my opinion, there are certain places on the HS that have upped their prices over the past year or two and the quality has actually decreased (not naming names...) so to pay such an economical price for good quality items, well you're onto a winner, aren't you?

Real dead ringers for Manolo Blahnik- at a fraction on the price!

I swear come November, I'll have those shoes in every.colour.available.

Such a dream dress- something a Tarot card reading Princess would wear. (Me.)

Bit of a Dolce vibe going on. I'm in love,

Without further ado, here's my top picks from the new M&S collection. Use the arrows to slide right and see more favourites!




The above bag, as seen on abbey_hearts_ insta page (check out her blog here) is one I couldn't find find through the ShopStyle page (which allows me to add the badass widget as seen above).  With a structure akin to Gucci's Dionysus and embroidery to match, it's a real steal at only £45. When my Student Loan comes in, you already know what I'm spending it on. 

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  1. Oh wow, I also have never shopped for clothing at m&s but that jumper looks SO cute! I should pop in there sometime!