Interrail Diaries- Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest Gallery

October 19, 2016
Stefan Basilica, Budapest
It seemed that the further east we went, the more enticing the food. Whilst the prices dropped, the temperatures soared and we were in heaven. People had told me beforehand about the wonders of Prague and Budapest, and they were not wrong. The East was enchanting; fairytale cities veiled in orange rooftops, archaic architecture and rambling trams.  As a self confessed history buff, I was more excited about learning about the communist regimes than taking advantage of the party atmosphere that is widely advertised. (Of course I did both, but you get what I'm saying...) Fascinating relics and mementos are omnipresent in the former Eastern Bloc, both pleasant and no quite so. 

Aside from the history, one of my favourite and most unique memories took place in Prague- on arriving at hostel, we socialised with some Americans who asked if we wanted to go with them to a club that a friend had recommended. Of course, we agreed and I'm so glad that we did. Cross Club was nothing like I'd ever seen; almost like a derelict steampunk fairground, filled with the beats of gabba and startlingly wide eyed locals. The club was made entirely from cogs and scaffolding. Whilst not expecting to dance to Taylor Swift all night, I wasn't expecting to lose my gabber virginity neither; take one look at me and you'll know that I'm not the hardcore techno kind. Taking influence from the heavily drugged club clubbers around me, I realised that dancing to techno isn't so difficult- you just have to pretend you're on the difficult level of the PlayStation dance mat, or that there are thousands of insects crawling around you and you need to stamp on them.

I'm not sure I'll be going to any underground raves in the Spain or the Uk, but it was a completely surreal experience. Furthermore, any night that ends in "hardcore parkour" is always going to be a good one. Here's a selection of my favourite photos from our second week in Europe...

Enjoying a trdelnĂ­ks in Prague (donut ice cream cone)
Church of Saint Nicolas, Prague

Prague Castle from the Chain Bridge

A pretty street leading to the castle
Rooftops of Prague after a hike to the Castle
A traditional tramvaje, Prague
Date night with The Green Fairy, with a view of the castle, Prague.
Karlskirche, Wien
Bratislava Castle, Slovakia
Most SNP (UFO Tower) Bratislava 
Rooftops of Bratislava, Slovakia
The world's most photogenic ice-cream,  Gerlato Rosa, Budapest
Look how happy it made me. 
Shoes on the Danube Bank, Budapest
The colossal pizza we ate in a pub, Budapest
Budapest from the Citadella
Our hostel was sketchy, but it was extremely pretty inside, Budapest

2 comments on "Interrail Diaries- Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest Gallery"
  1. Clean roads, blue skies and almost crystal like water are what made me put these cities on top of my travel list. I have never been to these cities but your blog made my heart swell with all the details.

  2. Wow... This is such a nice place. Seems like heaven in the world. I hope you would have enjoyed your journey there.